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I have a pile of loves. I love my family and friends (how could I not?) like most reasonably well adjusted people. And anyone who knows me, knows I'm probably not as well adjusted as I should be, but where's the fun in that? I love food, ‘well prepared, fill you up to the point of exploding, but make you think about another helping’ good food! I love to BBQ and grill. I love machines and motorcycles. I have a couple of bikes. To be fair, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to call them motorcycles yet. They're being stubborn and won't run, yet... And I love trying to make something my own. I also love to rant on occasion (sometimes frequently) and every once in a while I love to write some shit down. I'm sure I have a lot of other things that I love, but this is a good start. I may not be interesting to some, but others may enjoy following me. Here's my journey through food, a bike build and all the shit in between. I call it as I see it and say what I think needs to be said. If that bugs you, you're probably too fucking sensitive anyway. I'm not sure where this is going, but I hope it's somewhere good. In the end it's all about laughing out loud at least once every day.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whole new level to "What's your sign?"


First, I'm gonna say props to Josh Eckert for coming up with the current rendition of the Geek Zodiac, find him HERE. Check his stuff out. The few pieces I looked at are cool.

Second, I'm a fuckin' superhero! 'Nuff said there.

For those that understand why this zodiac is cool, there really is no need for an explanation. However, if you do require an some semblance of reasoning behind this post, well. I'm kinda sad for you a little. OK, I'm done being sad for you, I'm back to being fucking awesome!

I dunno where I'm going with this yet, so hold on. We might hit the curb a few times, but we'll find our way eventually. Here's my take on why this should become (if it already hasn't) a pivotal piece of pop culture. Most of us regardless of what our upbringing is grew up with at least some exposure to super heroes, comic books, action adventure movies, books, TV shows, etc...whatever, you still with me or do I need to slow down a little (if you say yes already, lay off the dope son)? So we all sort of spent our childhood pretending to be someone who we idolized. We may have moved away from our heroes as our own personalities developed and evolved, and then some of us moved back to our original hero. For example Little Johnny spends his time playing like he's Luke "I'm a boy scout" Skywalker. "Light Sabering (I just made up a word, don't spell check me, this is about cool, not spelling and grammar. Fuck, you really want to go there?)" around the play ground and his backyard having the goddam time of his life. He likes Luke 'cuz hes good and tries to do the right thing and his parents died and all that shit. Life is simple when you you're little and shit still isn't complicated, right?

But then as Johnny gets older, he decides that he's deeper than that, maybe goes a little goth? He Starts thinking may Luke's not for him, starts to wonder if maybe Luke's dad had a raw deal. Maybe ole Darth got the shaft as well, bein' a slave, almost not getting into the school he wanted. Him mom got kidnapped by weird looking desert nomads. And the girl he likes, likes him back, but society as a whole disapproves... So Johnny (by the way Johnny is now only answering to 'Razor', cuz in his mind he's that fuckin' cool) starts to sympathize with the dark lord (the original dark lord, Darth Vader, ok? I'm not scared, I'll say his name. Voldemort! So there! Different dark lord, different post, maybe...), and kind of goes into a dark phase in his life. He sees traits between himself and the Vader that are similar and thinks to himself, "Maybe Vader's not so bad. Maybe he made some mistakes and can't find a way out. Maybe Vader saw the suit and said "OMG!! I gots to get into that crazy ass helmet! The bitches will fuckin' love it!" Maybe I can find a way out of my dark place too..."

Whatever. Johnny, I mean Razor just needs something right now and it's not a prescription strength anti-depressant. Well maybe that too, but that's not my point. He found something that helped when he felt that no one else understood him. And that's cool. We all do some sort of escapism from time to time, right? Right?! Anyway, Johnny (by the way, drops the 'Razor' title cuz it was too much work to be that fuckin' strange and it didn't get him any chicks anyway. Just sayin'...) makes it to adulthood and is still into sci-fi stuff. He begins to reexamine his idols and realizes that Luke and Vader are the same guy! Holy SHIT!! He thinks "Wow, my uncomplicated little child mind had it right the first time! Luke is just as bad ass and troubled as his Dad, he just made better decisions!" A whole new level of understanding washes over him, he readjusts himself and while sitting on his futon in his mom's basement (he changed his name to Razor, you think he's moved out yet?) weeping uncontrollably he idolizes Luke once again, knowing that a large part of the trials of his own life are also similar to that of Luke. Except for the cool space ships, epic battles, bad ass alien buddies and (thank god) lustful thoughts of his own sister (I hope).

There's one other direction to consider that Johnny may go down. 'Razor' doesn't grow up right. He doesn't find like minded friends, and he gets ridiculed beyond anything anyone should ever be made to go through. He goes completely bat shit crazy. He won't take off his funky helmet or his converted flashlight 'saber' and he walks around with chinchillas in his pockets. All. The. Fucking. Time. Two things to consider here:

1) Just be glad he didn't focus all of his attention on actually making a working light saber. He might have shown up and fucked up everyone he was pissed at.

2) Stop. Bullies. Now. Do we need to talk about Bill Gates? He was probably bullied. He's not taking over the world. He's fucking buying it. And anything he doesn't want, Steve Jobs is happy to pick up on a discount! Like c'mon we haven't figured this shit out? The bullies laugh during the school years. The bullied become maniacal geniuses and try to take over the world. Genghis Khan didn't want to take over the world 'cuz he was greedy (well, he probably was, but that's not where I'm going), he did it 'cuz he was looking for the guy that teased him for 10 fucking years about his home made fur hat. Genghis was going to beat the crap out of that dude. He was gonna take over the world after that.

Whoa, I think I totally left the road on that one.... Back to the hero stuff.

K, I'm not the first one to analyze this shit, and I definitely won't be the last. So if my take on this somehow parallels the written analysis of someone else, I apologize, I'm not ripping you off, I'm trying to make a fuckin' point. We've all met this guy in varying extremes whether we realize it or not. Sometimes he, or she for that matter, cuts loose at parties of like minded people and dresses up as his fave hero. Or maybe goes to a convention in costume. So what? Is that a bad thing. As long as they're not going to work in the surgical ward wearing the crazy rubber helmet right before they operate on my brain or something, I'm cool with it. And even then, I may let that slide as long as they don't smell like a combination of mothballs, wet dog, feet and old cheese. Don't ask where that came from, I'm scared to look too.

Here's my point, we all, I mean ALL, at some point identify with a hero or fictional figure of some kind in some way ant some time. We all, a least once, wish that we could be the tux wearing spy, or the super powered person in tights. Hell sometimes we want to be the bad guy/ girl just because we want to go against every possible rule society has placed upon us. If you haven't thought of it that way at least once, you're lying to yourself and everyone else.So, not to get any deeper into this, we all have an inner geek, and it's fun to embrace it.

Go be your own rock star/ superhero/ monster/ spy/ treasure hunter/ mad scientist whatever you want. It's your life, no one else has to live it, and no one else has to judge it in the end. I'm definitely the last guy to judge you on this. I was excited as all hell as soon as I saw I'm a superhero. It's in writing, so it's official. You go be a rooster or a rat or whatever. I'm gonna be a superhero. I always wanted to be one anyway. So I guess I made it. Also I pulled a legit Jedi mind trick on a homeless guy today and one of my geek friends, who gets me, laughed her ass off and called me her hero. So I guess that means I should get a membership card and a plaque or something. Overall, it's been a good day. Go ahead, laugh. It's my blog I'll say what I want.

As a side note, I totally want to see which signs are compatible with which in regards to dating and relationships, but that's a whole other discussion...